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Is this the SUV to convince you out of your coupé?

There are so many things to think about when purchasing a car. And at some point, ‘practicality’ may play a big part in your search criteria. Whether it’s for towing capacity, child capacity or storage capacity you may need to scrap your sporty hot coupé/hatch back and opt for a roomier ride.

The thought of having to give up my Audi TT for a ‘family friendly’ option in the trés distant future still makes me eek, so it’s nice to know there are some decent options available (aside from the standard Rangey situation).

The model I tested out recently was the brand new Mercedez-Benz GLE SUV from

Mercedes-Benz Geelong. This model is the base 300d variant (as other models haven’t hit Australian shores just yet) however the model I got my hands on came with loads of upgrades which made it one of the most comfortable SUV’s I’ve ever been in - who doesn’t enjoy a massaging, heating/cooling, supportive drivers chair?!

Check out all the finer details in my video below, plus my nan’s cute cameo at the end 😉