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My first ever drive in a supercar

It's not often that someone offers you a drive in their supercar, so when the guys at House of Machina in Melbourne gave me access to their collection I went straight for the Audi R8.

As a TT driver, this was like walking out of Myer (I won't give it the Target treatment) and into the security clad doors of Burberry. The Audi R8 had always been on my bucket list of cars to drive which made it all the more nerve wrecking - what if I wasn't a fan!?

OK stop rolling your eyes, of course I'm a total fan... however I'm not a fan of this 'everyday supercar' situation. Don't tell me you're OK parking your Audi R8 at Woolworths, or taking it places that normal humans go. A car this beautiful, and finely tuned, is a piece of art and therefore I'm removing 'everyday supercar' from my vocab*.

*Unless I'm provided with said supercar for the year in which case I'll happily drive to Woolworths in it.

So enough chit chat and back to the car - this model is an FY10, V8 model with Audi's Quattro All Wheel Drive system. The guys at House of Machina have wrapped it in a matte grey finish which looks amazing, and I love the black Audi badge up front - very cool.

As the engine is in the back, storage is a slight problem with only a front compartment and not a whole lot else. The inside is nice, however not as tech filled as I expected (on par with my TT actually!). I'd been warned that the ride would be firm, and it was, although not enough that it overly affected my drive on the public roads.

Want to see more? Check out my video on the R8 featuring noise, police and plenty of power.