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Riding in Cars with Mat: 2018 Subaru Outback Review

My friend Mat recently found himself in need of a new car. No longer would he disassemble and reassemble his bike on the weekends - it was time for an upgrade!

After test driving four other cars, Mat landed on the 2018 Subaru Outback, of which he opted for the premium model with a 2.5 litre engine and of course the luxury leather interior finish and sun roof.

Mat’s non-negotiables

· The car had to be able to fit his full sized road bicycle

· It must have a sun roof

· It needed a great safety rating

When I asked Mat about the other models he drove his experience was:

· SKODA Kodiaq – He liked the outside, but wasn’t a fan of the interior. There were lots of hard finishes and it didn’t feel luxurious inside.

· Volkswagen Tiguan – He loved this, it was the front runner until he drove the Outback.

· Volvo XC40 – Mat was most excited to test drive the Volvo, but once he did it was his least favourite. It felt small inside and he thought the XC90 would be the better option if he was to go a Volvo.

· Volkswagen Passat – He felt this one sat too low to the road.

Sitting in the Subaru Outback I was quite surprised with how much light was inside the cabin. The windows felt tall and large and there didn’t seem to be many blind spots at all.

Most of the finishes were a soft leather, which gave the car a premium, quality feel.

The entertainment screen was really well designed and sat flush with the dash which gave it a modern feel and was one of the key features I liked.

The Outbacks still sit slightly too low for my likings, however the interior really impressed me. It ticks all the boxes for Mat but I wonder if it’ll make him ride any faster…

Check out the video below to see what Mat named his new Subaru.

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