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The automotive world's hottest topic...

Electric Vehicles are the automotive worlds hottest topic at the moment. With so many contradictory comments in the media, it’s no wonder most people are still confused about whether or not the Jetson’s world is far fetched or a future reality.

With car manufacturers focusing primarily on EVs and low emission vehicles, it’s only a matter of time before they become the norm. However, you’ve got to start somewhere and with fleet managers and business owned cars accounting for over HALF of new vehicle purchases in 2017, they are a logical market to begin with.

I was lucky enough to be involved in an Electric Vehicle Test Drive Day for fleets last October, which brought together vehicle manufacturers and fleet managers/buyers to drive the conversation (pun intended) around EV uptake.

Research from the day indicated that the three biggest concerns fleet managers have in a move to EVs are the higher purchase cost, limited charging infrastructure and unknown resale value. Other issues discussed were the lack of qualified EV mechanics rurally and the induction required for new drivers.

While you sit there nodding your head at the obvious reservations that came from the day, another much more exciting outcome was the overwhelming positivity from drivers. Having the opportunity to actually drive an EV seemed to change a few people’s minds with 82 per cent more likely to include EVs in their fleets having test driven them.

Being an EV newbie, I was excited to drive the Hyundai Kona Electric. I was most surprised that it didn’t actually feel THAT different - to what I expected a general Hyundai to drive like. There's obviously no rumbling engine (not that a Hyundai rumbles as such), but there was still road noise and a familiar start up and cabin layout.

My main question from the day is how we’ll manage these noiseless machines? Walking around a car park of 20 EV’s I had to constantly be on high alert for a departing driver. There are serious safety issues there and something that will no doubt need to be addressed by Government.

What’s your favourite thing about EV’s?

  • Acceleration (who thought a Hyundai had it in them?)

  • Their futuristic look (have you seen the Porsche Mission E?)

  • One day my car will power my house (yes, this is a thing)

YouTube Video of the Drive Day by Clean Energy Finance Corporation

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