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What the 2019 E-Pace review means for Jaguar

As I drive out of Rex Gorell Jaguar in the new E Pace SUV, I can’t help but think it’s a head turner. Not because of my wind-screen-wiper-instead-of-indicator-on-the-left-hand-side faux pas, but because this car looks so damn good!

You see, while the E Pace has been developed as the younger brother to the F Pace, it’s borrowed some key design features of Jaguar’s très sporty F Type coupé. This is a massive win in my books as the last thing Australia needs is another bland SUV.

The E Pace has sharp, pointed eyes (sub in headlights), an in-your-face grill up front and a sharp, well defined behind - no doubt channelling the winning looks of sister company Land Rover’s Range Rover Evoke.

That’s not the only similarity between these two cars. The E Pace is one heavy machine because in order to reduce cost, Jaguar have built it on the same steel framework as the RR. Luckily, this extra weight didn’t seem to affect the driving experience and the upside is that it has great towing capacity – make sure you drop that one when convincing the other half.

The interior is absolutely my favourite part about this car. Jaguar haven’t skimped on the trim (noting that I was driving the SE model) which gives the inside a luxurious feel. The attention to detail is evident with Jaguar print finishes in the compartments, and even a start button that replicates a Jaguar's heart beat – ummm what?!

There’s as much room as you’d expect in a car of this size. Not enough for a large happening family, but plenty for an average every day car and ample comfort for longer trips. The drive is really comfortable – I’ve seen a few reviews about questionable suspension but I didn’t notice this – and the car exceeded my expectations when handling corners and quick changes. At high speeds it accelerated much better then other reviews had indicated, however it sounded very loud and full off effort driving around town at lower speeds - possibly the diesel engine. If this bugs you (which it did for me) I’d suggest test driving a petrol version instead.


If you’re in the market for a small-medium sized SUV then I would highly recommend test driving an E Pace. Just be wary of the model that you drive, as the range has a gazillion upgrades available and it can jump in price quickly.

What will I like?

- How stylish this car will make you feel

- The technology (so many fun features)

- The quality of finishes

What will I hate?

- The noisy engine when accelerating at low speeds

- The jump in price from entry level to top end (starting at around $60,000 and rising to over $100,000)

Should I go for a test drive?

- Absolutely

Contact Rex Gorell Jaguar to book in a drive here.